Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Buses - Toddler crafts, activities and resources

I don't take my son on the bus nearly as often as I'd like. However with my parents and their free bus passes it's a different story! He was easily bored as a young toddler, but would sit on a bus entranced, more often than not singing 'The Wheels on the Bus' at the top of his little voice. It's really easy to make a toy bus, and toddlers love making a bus stop and putting little people in and out.

Bus crafts

If you are lucky enough to acquire a really enormous cardboard box, you can make a cardboard box bus that is large enough for children to ride in!

We have a Rolobox Wheel Kit For Boxes which is absolutely brilliant for making cardboard box vehicles, here is the cardboard box bus that we made.

Cardboard box bus from Jennifer's Little World
Here's how to make a fantastic double decker bus from cereal boxes, complete with photographs of family members going for a ride!

Finally, if you want to make a yellow school type of bus, then here's how to make a school bus from a milk or juice carton.

Bus activities

You can't mention buses without 'The Wheels on the Bus!'. Here's a link to some printable lyrics to get you started, but it's a lot more fun to make up your own verses and actions!

Make a pretend bus by setting up some chairs lined up behind each other. You can make some tickets out of cardboard and go on a journey, talking about where you are going and what you are seeing.

Toddlers love going out on an actual bus! If you live near a bus stop you might even be able to do without a pushchair, which makes things a lot easier. It's all about the ride, not the destination!

Make a simple matching game by finding images of different types of bus - a red London bus, yellow school bus, buses like the ones that you see in your local town and so on. Print out two of each then match them together. For older toddlers play a memory game by turning them over and take it in turns to turn over two cards and try to find a pair.

Another variation on the matching game above - print a large sheet with lots of different bus pictures, then cut out matching pictures and help your toddler to glue them onto the large sheet.

Bus books

Whizzy Wheels: London Bus - Toddlers love interactive books, and this one has real wheels which make the book into an actual bus!

The Wheels on the Bus: A Teddy Bear Sing-Along Book - Complete with a button to press to provide the music to 'The Wheels on the Bus'.

Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus A really original story book about buses for older toddlers.

The Babies on the Bus - A beautifully illustrated book of the song with some new verses, baby will love to sing along.

Bus toys

Rolobox Wheel Kit For Boxes - not just for making buses, a great way to bring your cardboard box creations to life

Early Learning Centre Happy Land London Bus - This is one of my son's favourite toys. It has a lift out top layer and can hold lots of Happyland people.

Early Learning Centre - HappyLand Sunflower School Bus - Complete with traffic light and a bus stop sign, this smaller bus has everything that you need to play buses.

Fisher-Price Beeps the School Bus - Lots of space to put the people in and out of the bus, and it also plays noises!

Big Bus - A lovely bus jigsaw, with only 15 pieces it's easy for toddlers to complete, and there is lots going on in the picture to talk about with older toddlers.

London Bus 5" - Older toddlers will love their very own little die cast bus.

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