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Camper vans - Toddler crafts, activities and resources

Camper van crafts, activities and resources

A camper van is simply a vehicle which is used both for moving about and sleeping in. They are sometimes also called motorhomes, although a motorhome tends to be larger and perhaps with a toilet or a divide between the cab and the living areas. The classic campervan was manufactured by Volkswagen, and it's these which most interest my toddler. You don't see many of these classic camper vans about, but my son will always point one out when he sees one. I think that it must be the fascination of a vehicle which is also a home.

Campervan crafts

Make a simple campervan from a shoebox - it's just as much fun making it as playing with it, especially designing the inside!

Camper van crafts, activities and resources

Several more campervans to colour. You don't need to stick to colouring the pictures of course, you could use coloured scraps of paper or fabric to make a collage, and bling it up with glitter and sequins.

This is one for the adults to make - a very cool camper van toy box.

Campervan activities

I'm still on the lookout, do you have any to share? Contact me via my About page above!

Campervan books

Junior the Little Blue Campervan - Stories all about a little campervan that has lots of adventures.

Junior's Colouring Book - A colouring book to accompany the stories above.

The Kludoman Camper Van Colouring Book - A detailed book for colouring which would also be enjoyed by older children. The pages are one sided so you can take them out of the book and display your camper van art!

Campervan toys

Playmobil 4859 Family Camper - We had the Playmobil campervan when I was little and I loved it. Like with all Playmobil products the attention to detail is fantastic.

WOW Toys Casey Camper Van - A simpler campervan toy for younger children.

Lego Volkswagen Camper Van 10220 - Perhaps a bit too complicated for younger children, although would probably be enjoyed by parents just as much!

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