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Racing cars - Toddler crafts, activities and resources

Racing cars crafts, activities and resources

Even young children are fascinated watching the racing cars on television, maybe it's the constant noise as they race about or maybe it's the speed and the bright colours. Most children have pretended to be a racing car at some point, here are some ideas to build upon that enthusiasm!

Racing car crafts

Make a racing car play mat for races with toy racing cars. It doesn't need to be fancy, just a large piece of paper with a track drawn on it.

Create a simple racing car from a toilet roll tube and milk bottle lids.

Make a racing car mobile. The link includes a template to print for the different pieces, including race cars, sports cars and flags.

Racing cars crafts, activities and resources
Racing car play mat from Jennifer's Little World

Racing car activities

Take a large plank of wood and prop it up at one end to form a slope, then race toy cars down it.

Pour paint out into large, flat trays and use cars to paint with.

Play the traffic lights game - it is fun with a group of toddlers but one on his own will enjoy it just as much! The instructions are simple - when you call out 'green' the toddler must run about, when you call out 'amber' he stands still, and when you call out 'red' he sits down. You can also add in extra actions, like beep the horn, fill up with petrol, or put your wipers on.

If you have a long cardboard tube, set it at an angle (perhaps down some steps) and send cars through it. If you have two or three then place them next to each other and race the cars through them.

Racing cars crafts, activities and resources
Image source - Jennifer's Little World

Racing car books

Little Racing Car (Busy Day Board Book) - This book includes a small, wind-up racing car. The book folds out to create a race track that you can run the car around, as well as reading the story.

Wind-up Racing Cars (Usborne Wind-up Books) - Similar to the one above, but this book includes two wind up cars that can actually race against each other.

Race Car Driver (Mini People Shape Books) - This simple book is in the shape of a race car driver which your toddler will love.

My Race Car Ace Landers - A simple, rhyming story with all the excitement of the race track!

Racing car toys

Hama Beads Racing - Hama beads are brilliant, and this set of beads contains enough to make lots of lovely little racing cars.

Big Racing Car Jigsaw - A really good quality floor jigsaw with a great picture of a racing car making a pit stop. With 45 pieces it's better for older toddlers or pre-schoolers.

Early Learning Centre - Racing Car Magnetic Trio Set - A set of three racing cars, each with a magnet on the back and the front so that they can easily stick together. Suitable for younger toddlers, they are bright and easy to hold and move about.

Micro Scalextric G1047 My First Scalextric Set 2 1:64 Scale Race Set - Scalextric isn't always ideal for young children, but this first set is much easier for them to use and ideal for a first car racing experience for toddlers.

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