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The Beach - Toddler crafts, activities and resources

Beach crafts, activities and resources

We are lucky enough to live by the sea. The coast where we live isn't sandy and so our local beaches have lots of pebbles, but there is still fun to be had on a pebbly beach. It's nice in the summer but I prefer it out of season when it's quieter and you have the whole beach to yourself.

Beach crafts

If you can't get to the beach, why not make your own simple paper plate beach!

During a visit to the beach, it's very difficult not to come home with pockets laden with shells and stones. There are lots of lovely things that you can make with your keepsakes, I do like this shell mobile which you can hang up to remind you of summer.

Another use for shells which toddlers can help with is a shell picture frame. It would make a lovely gift, perhaps along with a photograph of the children. You can also use shells to make some lovely salt dough shell keepsakes.

We can't help collecting pebbles, and a fun use for them is pebble monsters. When they are finished, why not return them to the beach for other people to find!

Beach crafts, activities and resources
Image from Jennifer's Little World

Beach activities

Collect things. Pretty stones, shells, seaweed, driftwood...there are lots of things to collect on the beach!

Draw an outline in the sand and find things to fill it with. You could try a simple face, finding stones for features and seaweed for hair, or a more complicated mosaic.

If you have a small ball, make a ball run for it in the sand. Build ramps and slopes for the ball to go down, and holes to catch it.

Practice writing with sticks in the sand.

Use a stick or spade to make train tracks in the sand and let your toddler run around pretending to be a train. You can use stones and shells to add stations, level crossings and so on.

Beach books

Busy Books: Busy Beach - Gorgeous illustrations and lots of tabs to pull to bring the book to life.

At the Beach (Roland Harvey) - A picture book full of great illustrations with plenty to talk about

At the Beach (Anne Rockwell)  - Beautiful pictures of a child's day out at the beach

On the Beach (Usborne Lift the Flap Books) - This one is a more educational book to teach children a little bit about the things that they will see at the beach, but with lift up flats it is still suitable for the very young.

Beach toys

Ecoiffier Castle Bucket Set - You can't go to the beach without a bucket and spade, and this set has everything that you need

Melissa & Doug Seaside Sidekicks Sand Cupcake Set - Why not try something a bit different to making sandcastles, with this set you can make some lovely sand cupcakes!

A001 BEACH SAND FLAGS sandpit and beach play - Sandcastles look so much better with a traditional flag!

Playmobil 4149 Beach Holiday Compact Set - If you can't get to the beach yourself, enjoy playing with this wonderful Playmobil set.

Early Learning Centre - Sand and Water Table - Re-create the fun of the beach at home with a sand and water table

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