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Cows - Toddler crafts, activities and resources

Cows crafts, activities and resources

Cows eat mainly grass and provide most of the milk that people drink in the world. I remember learning once that cows have four stomachs but apparently that is untrue, they have four digestive compartments. They chew the cud (partially digested food) for up to eight hours every day. Cows are sacred animals in India, and are red/green colour blind. A real cow can be quite a scary sight for a small toddler, but they can be very sweet if presented in the right way!

Cow crafts

A paper plate cow - gorgeous and so simple.

Some printable pages to colour and make your own simple cow picture.

You can't beat toilet paper tubes for crafting - here's a lovely toilet roll tube cow.

A talking cow pop-up card would be fascinating for little ones to make, an adult will need to help make the opening mouth but toddlers will love helping to decorate it.

Cow activities

I must admit that I've not yet tried cake pops, but these cow cake pops don't look too difficult.

You can find a selection of cow pictures for colouring here, or just search for line drawing images of cows on Google images.

Cow books

Do Cows Meow? (Lift-The-Flap Book) - A first book for young babies to teach them animal sounds. Not just about cows, but a gorgeous picture on the front cover!

Simon Says Moo Like a Cow - A lovely book for young children with fold out mirror

There's a Cow in the Cabbage Patch - Gorgeous illustrations and a lovely story about a mixed up farmyard

Cow (Malachy Doyle and Angelo Rinaldi) - Lovely pictures tell the story of a day in the life of a cow

Cow toys

Coin Bank - Cow (variable colours) - Looking for an alternative to a traditional piggy bank? Why not try a cow bank!

Cow Print Latex Balloons 5 Pack - Planning a cow themed party? What about cow print balloons!

Toys Pure Hopper Ball Cow - An inflatable cow for hopping about outdoors!

Jellycat Bashfuls Medium Calf - Gorgeous stuffed cow, we have several soft toys in this range and they are lovely, and so soft!

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