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Mermaids - Toddler crafts, activities and resources

Mermaid crafts, activities and resources

Mermaids may just be mythical creatures to grown ups, but in the minds of toddlers and small children they are very much alive and happily swimming about at the bottom of the sea. Don't assume that mermaids will only appeal to little girls, my son loves playing with toy mermaids and hiding their treasure from the pirates.

Mermaid crafts

You can't beat toilet roll crafts, here are some lovely toilet roll tube mermaids.

Also from the wonderful Red Ted Art, some delightful mermaids made from clothes pins.

Why not make a lovely little mermaid sea terrarium. You just need a glass jar and a few bits and pieces collected from the beach to make a little mermaid home.

Finally a free mermaid printable for children to colour and decorate.

Mermaid activities

If you want to have a mermaid themed meal, there are some lovely ideas here for some mermaid party food.

Mermaids like collecting and hiding treasure - why not hide some treasure in the sandpit for your child to find. Treasure could be chocolate coins, strings of beads and jewellery, or simple coloured glass pebbles.

Use some sand to make a mermaid garden. Fill a shallow bowl or basin with sand, then use seashells, pebbles, small pieces of driftwood and so on to decorate the garden. Bling it up with shiny beads and buttons, and green shredded paper for seaweed.

Mermaid books

The Mermaid (Usborne Bath Books) - A lovely bath book, perfect to enjoy in the water!

That's Not My Mermaid (Usborne Touchy Feely Books) - These Usborne books are fantastic, even very young toddler enjoy the different textures.

Mermaids (Touchy-Feely Board Books) - More different things to touch, but more interesting for older toddlers.

Can You Catch a Mermaid? - A lovely picture book, with some gorgeous illustrations.

The Singing Mermaid - By Julia Donaldson, a fantastic story.

Mermaid toys

Lamaze Play and Grow Marina the Mermaid- Ideal for babies and young toddlers, a delightful first toy mermaid.

Heimess H734870 Ring Rattle (Mermaid)- Lovely little rattle with a mermaid in the middle.

Mermaid Princess tm Costume for Children Size Small 3-4 years- Little ones will love this simple mermaid costume so that they can play mermaids.

Disney Princess Ariel Bath Castle - This mermaid playset is designed to be played with in the bath, and there's lots to keep little ones busy and make bathtime fun.

Glass Pebbles Mixed Colours in 1kg Bag. - The perfect treasure for mermaids to collect, or use to build paths for an underwater mermaid home.

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