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Angels - Toddler crafts, activities and resources

Angel crafts, activities and resources

Angels are supernatural beings found in religions across the world. For Christians, angels are messengers of God, they protect and guide human beings and help them to carry out God's tasks. In the Nativity story, the archangel Gabriel visits Mary to tell her that she will give birth to the son of God. Angels also proclaim the birth of Jesus and summon the shepherds to the stable where Jesus can be found. Because of this association with the Nativity they are very much associated with Christmas, and an angel can often be found on top of the Christmas tree.

Angel crafts

The instructions for this toilet roll tube angel come with printables so that you can easily make your own.

Handprints lend themselves nicely to the shape of angel wings. Draw a body in the middle, and you could add a photograph of your child's head!

Doilies could have been made for making angel wings, and children love them. Here's how to make a simple doily angel.

Angel activities

You can easily make a simple angel costume from a white pillowcase with a hole cut for the head and holes for the arms, belted around the middle with tinsel. You can embellish further with some wings from white paper or fabric and a halo of tinsel around the head. It would be fun to act out parts of the Nativity story to help your child learn a little more about the story behind Christmas.

Colouring book pages to print.

If it's snowing, you can make snow angels! Lie on your back in the snow, stretch your arms out and move them up and down to make angel wings.

Angel books

Angel toys

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