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Holly - Toddler crafts, activities and resources

Holly crafts, activities and resources for toddlers

Holly is a very popular symbol of Christmas, and is used to decorate the home, particularly in wreaths and garlands. The bright green leaves and red berries stand out against a snowy background and the greyness of winter. A long time ago, holly was regarded as sacred by the Druids, because it remained green while other plants died over winter. Bringing the plant into the home was believed to offer protection. You can find out lots of information about holly at Christmas here. Holly berries are slightly toxic, so if you have young children or pets you might want to bear this in mind when decorating your house for Christmas.

Holly crafts

Make a simple paper holly wreath decoration.

Use dyed eggshells to make a holly collage - perfect for those spiky holly leaves!

Holly leaves can be very difficult to draw, even for adults! So use potatoes to do some holly leaf potato printing, then make berries with a fingerprint. To make the initial shape a good idea is to use a cookie cutter and draw around it on the potato.

Use fingerprints to do some even simpler holly leaf and berry printing.

Holly activities

Make some holly cupcakes. You can buy some holly leaves and berry sugar sprinkles which would look lovely sprinkled over white iced cupcakes or biscuits.

Go out into the woods and collect some holly to decorate the home. Be careful of the spiky leaves, and remember that the berries are slightly poisonous so take care around young children.

Make a holly wreath for the front door. It's probably best to use artificial holly and berries, which you can buy from a craft store.

Holly books


Holly things

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