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Knights - crafts, activities and resources

Knights crafts, activities and resources for toddlers

This post is a guest post from Anna at beepbeep designs.

My daughter Laura loves knights. They're brave and strong and they ride around on horses helping people. This was all originally started by the CBeebies programme Mike the Knight, but carried on from there. A knight obsession can be very useful because, did you know, knights are so brave that they don’t mind going to the dentist? Or having vaccinations? And they always love to help other people. This more than makes up for the times you get smacked on the leg by a hobby horse.

Knight crafts

Make a shield for your little knight. You can use a shield printable or it can be decorated with anything that's important to your child, like their family and pets, or their favourite activities

Make a crown from a paper plate to be the king or queen of the castle!

A cardboard box can make a castle, with more cardboard cut into shape for battlements. Toilet roll tubes make good towers.

Or how about making a castle birthday cake.

If your child likes watching Mike the Knight, here's how to make your own crochet knight helmet.

Knights crafts, activities and resources for toddlers

Knight activities

Visit a local castle. Warwick Castle has special events where you can see knights taking part in a jousting competition. Be warned though that the toilets are labelled 'knights' and 'princesses' and Laura was confused because she thinks she is both.

If there aren't any castles near you, a stately home or museum may have suits of armour and information about medieval life.

Knights like to take part in quests - you can make up physical challenges in the garden or the park (running races, climbing, jumping), or get them to help you at home!

Knights are brave and like to help others. Why not think about the ways your little knight can help other people and maybe make a reward chart.

Knight books

Knights and Castles Sticker Book - You can't beat a sticker book with young children!

How to Be a Knight - Perhaps more for an older toddler, lots of information about knights and the things that they do.

1001 Knights and Castle Things to Spot - I love these books with their detailed illustrations and something new to spot each time you look.

Good Knight Sleep Tight - A lovely story, which even young toddlers will enjoy.

Knight toys

Hobby Horse - Perfect for some knight roleplay!

Knight Costume - This lovely costume will turn your little one into a knight!

Playmobil Castle - You can't beat Playmobil for attention to detail, and for an older child this will keep them busy for a long time.

Lego Knight and Castle - Lego is durable and fun, and even younger children will enjoy building this simple castle.

Anna is Mum to Laura and Emily and blogs at beepbeep designs. She also sells buttons, ribbons and pretty things at Wind The Bobbin Up. Do you have an idea for a guest post? Get in touch!

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