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Snowflakes - Crafts, activities and resources

Snowflake crafts, activities and resources for toddlers

Something that children learn early on is that no two snowflakes are the same. Snowflakes form when water droplets freeze, and because of all the different variables in temperature and humidity they will never form in the same way. Lower temperatures tend to produce more intricate snowflakes. The only thing that most snowflakes have in common is that a snowflake has six sides. Snowflake crafts are an essential part of preparing for Christmas as you settle in on cold winter nights and make decorations for the home.

Snowflake crafts

Making snowflakes from folded paper is virtually free, and you can produce some stunning results with very little skill or effort. Martha Stewart describes how to make some simple, classic six-sided snowflakes from paper, and for something a bit more spectacular you could try these gorgeous enormous paper snowflakes made from wrapping paper.

Use a white crayon and some water colour paint to make beautiful watercolour resist snowflakes.

Make some microwave puffy paint and create puffy paint snowflakes.

Use lollipop or popsicle sticks to make simple snowflake Christmas tree decorations.

Snowflake activities

Use a Snowflake Cookie Cutter to make snowflake cookies and then decorate with white icing - either piped on in pretty patterns or splattered on with a spoon!

If you are lucky enough to have some snow and a magnifying glass or microscope, then you can examine some real snowflakes, placing them on black paper so that you can see them better. Can you find two the same? Failing that, there are some wonderful galleries of snowflake photographs to explore.

With a bit of adult help, you can make some borax snowflakes, and learn some chemistry while you are at it.

Older children can help to make a snow globe, either as a decoration or a gift, full of snowflakes for any time of year.

Snowflake books

Baby Sees Snowflakes - Even very young babies enjoy looking at books with contrasting colours and shapes, and intricate snowflake pictures are perfect to hold their attention.

Snowflake Baby (Baby Seasons) - A lovely book about a baby playing in the snow.

Snowflake Friends: A Magnetic Playbook - This magnetic book has magnetic pieces which you can use to make up your own scenes and stories.

Baby Animals: In the Snow - Young children love books about animals, and this book will teach them about the different animals that live in snowy climates.

Snowflake toys

Snowflake window clings - Decorate your house for winter with some simple snowflake window clings.

Beaded Snowflakes - This is a lovely craft kit for children to make some beautiful snowflake decorations, with a little adult help.

Insta-Snow Powder - Instant Magic Snow, 100g - We used 'magic snow' for the first time this winter and had a great time with it - it's fun to make and you can use it for winter decoration as well as play, for example for digging with toy diggers.

Plastic Sledges - Well if it does snow then at least you'll be prepared!

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