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Easter chicks - Crafts, activities, resources

Easter chicks crafts, activities and resources for toddlers

Bright yellow chicks are associated with Easter in decorations, cards and gifts. Eggs are given at Easter because they symbolise new life, along with the chicks that hatch from them. An egg appears lifeless and yet a bird emerges from inside, like Jesus did from the tomb in the Easter story. The fluffy chicks also represent Spring and a change in season.

Easter chicks crafts

Make some simple Easter chick gift boxes from toilet roll tubes to hold a chocolate egg. They are really easy to make and would be a great gift for children to give to their friends.

Easter chicks crafts, activities and resources for toddlers

I love making pom poms with scraps of wool, and these pom pom Easter chicks are adorable.

Handprint crafts are great to do with little ones, and these handprint Easter chicks would make wonderful Easter cards.

These decorated Easter eggs are gorgeous and really easy for children to help with and add their own stamp to the craft.

At this time of year there are plenty of tiny Easter chicks that you can use for crafting. We used some to decorate our Easter bonnet - my son designed it with a Spring picnic theme!

Easter chicks crafts, activities and resources for toddlers

Easter chicks activities

Look out for a local farm to visit where you can go and see some new chicks, if you are lucky you might even be able to see them actually hatching! There are lots of learning opportunities for young children here, and they will be fascinated.

Make some Easter chick nest cakes! Melt a bar of chocolate and mix with cornflakes. Press into cupcake cases to make the nests, then add either mini chocolate eggs or small fluffy toy chicks.

Instead of Easter eggs, hide Easter chicks around the house or garden for your child to find.

Easter chicks books

Five Little Chicks - A classic board book which will help your toddler begin learning to count.

Wee Little Chick - This book is filled with gorgeous illustrations and is a lovely story about the smallest chick in the farmyard.

Eggs and Chicks - This non-fiction book has plenty of information to satisfy inquisitive toddler minds, yet is still suitable for young children with lots of pictures and not too much text.

Baby Chick - This very sweet board book has a second tiny board book attached, so that your toddler can interact with the story

Easter chicks toys

12 Pack Yellow Easter Chicks Medium Size - Perfect for decorating Easter cakes, Easter bonnets or Easter baskets or just for decorating the house for Easter.

Easter Finger Puppets Kit - With some adult help, pre-schoolers can make these gorgeous Easter finger puppets.

Hatching Chicken Egg - Toddlers will be fascinated by this pretend hatching egg!

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