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Easter Bunnies - Crafts, activities and resources

Easter Bunny crafts, activities and resources for toddlers

The Easter bunny traditionally brings Easter eggs and sometimes other toys and sweets to children at Easter. The rabbit is a symbol of fertility, and rabbits give birth to large litters in the Spring. Therefore along with chicks they also symbolise new life and are associated with Easter and Spring.

Bunny Crafts

Use toilet roll tubes to make little Easter bunny gift boxes, perfect for holding a chocolate egg like a Cadbury's Creme Egg. Just paint the tube, add some ears and a face, and make a base from green cardboard and shredded green paper.

Easter Bunny crafts, activities and resources for toddlers

Make a really simple Easter bunny collage using a cardboard template and cotton wool.

Make a bunny ears headband for some Easter bunny roleplay fun.

There are lots of ways of making an Easter bunny from paper plates, but I particularly love this little Easter bunny basket made from paper plates which can also be used as a little gift bag.

Bunny Activities

The most obvious Easter bunny activity is to have an Easter egg hunt! You can either just hide small Easter eggs around the house or garden for children to find, or for older children you can put together a series of clues to help them find the eggs at the end. If your child is not yet reading you can draw a picture of where they need to look for the next clue. We have done this with the clues hidden inside plastic Easter eggs.

If you need to calm things down a bit, my children love acting along with the sleeping bunnies song.

I love this fantastic Easter Bunny sensory tub, what a brilliant way to entertain young children! For a more general Easter sensory tub you can see the one that I made here - Easter sensory tub - you just need a stuffed bunny to play along with!

Easter Bunny crafts, activities and resources for toddlers

Finally, Twinkl have some lovely printable resources to download which are Easter bunny themed. For example this Easter Bunny Split Pin Activity or an Easter Bunny Basket to Colour (subscription required).

Bunny Books

Easter Bunny Flap Book (Usborne First Sticker Books) - A lovely book about the Easter bunny to share with your child at Easter.

Snuggle Bunny (Puppet Book) - A nice book for bedtime with cuddly bunny puppet.

Have You Seen Bunny?  - Perfect for young toddlers, a lift the flap book.

Baby Bunny - A sweet little bunny book for younger toddlers.

Bunny Toys

Mega Bloks Bunny Carry Bag - We love Mega Blocks, they are perfect for little hands and this bunny set is a great alternative to an Easter Egg for a young toddler.

Lego Easter Bunny - For older toddlers, a nice little Easter themed Lego set.

Flock Bunny Ears - For your own little bunny!

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