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Helicopters - Toddler crafts, activities and resources

Helicopters crafts, activities and resources

A helicopter can take off and land vertically, hover, and fly forwards and backwards. They tend to be associated with emergencies and rescue, and are not seen as often as other types of transport, which makes them particularly appealing to toddlers. I know that it's always exciting in this household when we see a helicopter overhead!

Helicopter crafts

You can make a really simple 'helicopter' from just a folded piece of paper and a paper clip. See here for the instructions!

Helicopters are quite complicated to draw, so here are some helicopter colouring pages for your child to save you having to attempt drawing one yourself!

Make a toy helicopter using a plastic bottle and other junk from the recycling bin.

Use these templates - helicopter template 1 and helicopter template 2 - to make your own helicopter, with blades that can be attached using a paper fastener.

Helicopter activities

On my other blog I wrote about a simple helicopter game that I made together with my son to practice colour matching.

There are lots of helicopter printables here, including some helicopter puzzle sheets with matching activities and dot-to-dot puzzles.

Helicopters can also be found in nature. Seeds from trees like the sycamore tree have wings which spin as they fall from the tree. This allows them to travel further away from the tree before they reach the ground. Dandelion seeds also use a similar process. Look out for them when you are out and about and demonstrate how they work to your toddler.

Helicopter books

Helicopter (Rescue Team) - Lots of cheerful, bright illustrations teach your toddler all about helicopters and how they are used to rescue people.

Helicopters! - Aimed at younger toddlers, with a few sturdy pages and lots of pictures of helicopters carrying out different jobs.

I Wish Santa Would Come by Helicopter - The helicopter isn't the main focus in this seasonal story, but it would be a lovely book to share at Christmas with a helicopter loving toddler.

Helicopters - This is a Kindle book, and a bit more informative about helicopters and lots of pictures, with the particular goal of improving your child's vocabulary.

Helicopter activities

My First Sticky Mosaics Team Rescue Vehicles - I used to enjoy doing these sticky mosaic puzzles when I was little, older toddler toddlers will love the challenge of placing the stickers in the correct places to complete the picture.

Hape Little Copter - This gorgeous little wooden helicopter would be perfect for even the youngest pilot.

Pull Along Helicopter - Pull along toys will never lose their appeal, and this is a lovely little pull along helicopter.

Helicopter with Pilot - Older children will enjoy role-playing with this helicopter and a pilot that can be taken in and out.

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