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Mice - Toddler crafts, activities and resources

Mice crafts, activities and resources for toddlers

A mouse is a small mammal, belonging to the order of rodents. Although mice can be a pest, they are also popular pets. The best known species of mouse is the house mouse, which mainly lives near to humans, using homes for shelter and as a source of food. Mice have poor eyesight but have exceptional hearing and sense of smell. A toddler's first experience of a mouse may well be Mickey Mouse, probably the most famous fictional mouse character.

Mouse crafts

Most people have some old CDs lying around, why not recycle one into a sweet CD mouse!

This mouse puppet is really easy to make from a few scraps of paper and fits perfectly onto the finger.

These gorgeous felt mice use a candy cane for the tail and would be perfect as small gifts for friends. The site includes a template.

Making your own Mickey Mouse ears is really easy - you just need a headband and some black cardboard cut into circles to add the ears!

Mouse activities

I remember when I was little playing cat and mouse. You need quite a few children to play it, so it's a good game for birthday parties. You need to choose one child to be the cat and the other the mouse, then the remaining children arrange themselves into a grid formation. The children link hands to make a series of rows. The cat must run between the rows to try and catch the mouse. When the adult calls out 'change' the children turn a quarter turn so that they are now linking hands with the people that were in front and behind of them, therefore changing the direction of the rows and blocking the cat.

Another cat and mouse game gives each player a ribbon to tuck into the back of their trousers like a tail. One child is chosen to be the cat, and they must chase the mice and catch their tails. They then become cats too, and the winner is the last mouse with an intact tail.

This printable mouse game is great for teaching young children their first numbers. Each number rolled on a die represents a part of the mouse which can be drawn, and the first player to complete their mouse is the winner.

Another mouse which young children today are likely to be just as familiar with is a computer mouse. Here you can find some very simple online games using the mouse which are perfect for helping children learn how to use it.

Mouse books

Mouse Paint - This book is a classic. The mice learn all about different colours by mixing paint, a great introduction to colour for young children.

Finger Puppet Book: Little Mouse - Young toddlers will love this mouse book which includes a finger puppet.

The Gruffalo - The Gruffalo is a fantastic book, with a brave and clever mouse for the hero.

What's That Noise, Little Mouse? - Toddlers will love this book, with a button to press to make sounds.

Mouse toys

Finger Puppet - So many stories have a mouse in, and a mouse finger puppet is the perfect way to bring a story to life while you read it.

Car, Mouse & Seahorse Hama Bead Pegboards - I love Hama beads, and this set includes a lovely mouse pegboard.

Wooden Threading Lacing Mouse and Cheese - This is a classic toy, and one that my son has enjoyed playing with a lot. Even young toddlers will be able to thread the mouse through the cheese.

Bagpuss Soft Toys - I'll admit that this one is probably more for the grown ups. I loved Bagpuss as a child, and these Bagpuss mice are adorable.

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