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Princesses - Toddler crafts, activities and resources

Princess crafts, activities and reources

It's difficult to avoid princesses if you have a little girl, and most little girls love dressing up and pretending to be a princess. Of course although boys may not want to dress up as a princess, they will still enjoy princess crafts and activities, don't assume that only girls will want to do these things!

Princess crafts

This simple princess craft is also a great opportunity to teach your toddler about shapes, and the post also includes some lovely princess book suggestions.

All princesses need a tiara, and this simple pipe cleaner tiara can be decorated in all sorts of different ways.

This pretty mirror is perfect for your princess to admire herself in.

Finally, if your child loves princesses, it's a fair bet that the Disney princesses are involved. Disney has a huge selection of crafts and activities based around the princesses in the Disney franchise.

Princess activities

I had no idea before researching this post that there had been a National Princess Week. It took place in April 2012, and while I don't know if it will be repeated, this wonderful post on Julie Andrew's website has a wonderful selection of suggestions for ways to celebrate. As well as book and film suggestions, princesses in training can learn among many other things how to curtsy and wave.

Princess activities will naturally encompass some dressing up and role play. Look in your wardrobe for things that could be used for dress up - perhaps old skirts and scarves, and maybe even shoes. Think about accessories too - lots of nice sparkly jewellery! Perhaps you can even build a castle out of cardboard boxes.

I love sensory and small world play. This princess sensory tub has a little game to match items which belong to the Disney princesses which I really like, and this second princess sensory tub has plenty of opportunities for scooping and pouring.

Princess books

That's Not My Princess - Young toddlers love these books with the simple text about princesses and lots of different textures to touch.

Touchy-feely Princesses - Aimed at slightly older toddlers but still with plenty of different princess textures to feel.

Little Miss Princess - The character of Little Miss Princess was created in time for the Royal Wedding in 2011 and this book is another lovely story in the Little Miss series.

Princess Baby - A lovely little princess book for young children.

The Princess and the Wizard - A wonderful princess picture book for older toddlers.

Princess toys

Dress-Up Mix 'n Match Peg Puzzle - Even very young children love to play with wooden puzzles, an this one features three interchangeable princesses.

Dress Up Princess - A toy dress up princess to help your child learn to dress themselves.

Pop Up Princess Play Tent - Perfect for your young child to play princesses either indoors or outdoors, and folds down small for storage.

Princess Dress Up Set - Any dress can be a princess dress with these princess accessories.

Fisher Price Lil' Princess Ride-on - A lovely princess ride on for either the house or garden, with storage compartment for all the things that a princess needs to take about with her.

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