Thursday, 18 July 2013

Book review - I Heart Bedtime by Clara Vulliamy

Oh, bedtime. Who knew before having children that bedtime would be such a struggle? I assumed that when children were tired, they would fall asleep just like that. How wrong I was! So it's very refreshing to read a bedtime story book that has a much more realistic perspective on the whole bedtime palaver!

I Heart Bedtime by Clara Vulliamy follows Martha Bunny as she tries to get her bunny brothers to go to sleep before Grace-next-door, her best babysitter, comes round to look after them. But they make a fuss about tidying the living room, about having their baths, about putting on their pyjamas - in fact everything about the bedtime routine! Luckily Martha knows just what to do to get her bunny brothers to go to sleep, and after the Bedtime Bunnies Song they are soon fast asleep so that Martha can show Grace-next-door all her treasures before she goes to sleep herself.

I really enjoyed reading this book with Harry, it's funny and there is plenty to talk about. We discussed Harry's favourite things at bedtime and how his bedtime routine is the same as the bunnies. It's a really sweet book and finishes with a lovely sentiment about how much Martha loves her bunny brothers, just like Harry loves his little sister. Definitely a recommended bedtime story!

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  1. I Heart Bedtime has my daughter in fits of giggles every time we read it, even Grandpa thinks it is funny :)


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