Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Book review - Princess Evie's Ponies: Confetti the Magic Wedding Pony by Sarah KilBride

Confetti the Magic Wedding Pony is the latest in a series of books about Princess Evie and her magical ponies. Evie has a stable of ponies, and whenever she takes one out for a ride she is whisked away on a magical adventure to a faraway land.

I wasn't sure what my son was going to make of this book. Despite the presence of a younger sister, the books on our bookshelf tend to have themes that revolve around tractors and trains, with Confetti the Magic Wedding Pony being possibly the girliest book that has ever entered our house. Still, I like to read a variety of books with my son, and a big draw for this book was the fact that it comes with a removable pop up pony which you can use to act out the story with.

In this story, Princess Evie is taken to a beautiful castle to be a bridesmaid in a fairytale wedding. When the rings go missing, it is up to Evie to step in and save the day for the bride and groom.

To my surprise, my son actually loved this book! He didn't seem to notice anything girly about it, the fact that everything is pink and glittery with detailed descriptions of the castle decorations and bride's dress. He enjoyed it for the story and the fact that he could play with the cardboard horse.

The format of the book reminded me very much of the Jack's Mega Machines series, of which we have also reviewed a couple - The Dinosaur Digger and The Rocket Racing Car - and I'm not sure how I feel about series of books that are targeted at girls and boys specifically. The fact that my son enjoyed this book so much makes me feel it is a shame that it's not a book that we would have chosen for him, based on the fact that it is so obviously aimed at girls.

So definitely don't rule this book out if you  have sons rather than daughters! You can read another review of this book over at Being Mrs C.

We were sent a copy of the book to review.

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