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Penguins - Crafts, Activities and Resources

Penguin crafts, activities and resources for toddlers

Penguins are native almost exclusively to the Southern Hemisphere, in particular in Antartica. They spend about half their lives live in the water and eat fish and other sea creatures which they catch underwater. They are flightless, and use their flippers for propelling themselves underwater. The largest species of penguin is the Emperor Penguin and the smallest is the Little Blue or Fairy Penguin. Penguins breed in large colonies, forming into pairs for the breeding season.


Make a sweet collage penguin craft, complete with snow and an igloo.

Penguin crafts, activities and resources for toddlers

Gorgeous egg box penguins are so easy to make, and you can even make some icy scenery for them.

I love this sweet little toilet roll paper tube penguin, toilet roll tubes are so versatile for crafting with children!

This scrunchy paper plate penguin is great fun to make with children, and great for improving those fine motor skills with the tearing and crumpling of the tissue paper.


I have fond memories of my Dad giving me a penguin walk up to bed. Just let your child stand on your feet and walk them about the house. You do end up looking a lot like a penguin!

These penguin colouring pages are a little more educational than most, with various different species of penguin to colour.

There are lots of poems about penguins on this page which you can read and act out with your toddler.

These penguin bingo dauber printable pages are great for working on your child's fine motor skills. Use a bingo dauber, stickers or pom poms to fill the blank spaces in the pictures.


Ping and Pong are Best Friends (mostly) - we loved reading this story of friendship between penguins, and how it's not important to be the best at everything.

Penguin - a beautifully illustrated book for young children and the simple story is a lot of fun.

That's Not My Penguin - these textured books are perfect for sharing with toddlers, so simple and they loving feeling for the different surfaces.

Penguins - a more educational book to read with your child and learn more about penguins together.


Tomy Splashy the Penguin Bath Toy - people often forget bath toys when buying gifts for children, and this penguin bath toy would be a lot of fun for toddlers at bath time.

Blue Penguin Kids Bag - all young children need a bag to carry their things around in, and this bag is just lovely.

Baby Emperor Penguin - a perfect gift for a young child, an adorable stuffed penguin.

Penguin Race - This toy is perhaps not suitable for young children to play with themselves, but they will love watch the penguins go around and around under supervision!

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