Sunday, 25 August 2013

Book Review - Bud & Roo's Spectacular Adventures - The Beach

We recently discovered this lovely book - Bud & Roo's Spectacular Adventures: The Beach - by Jessica Valentine and Suzy Jones Biggar. The story is simple, and follows the adventures of two dogs, Bud and Roo, as they dig up a blue bucket and follow some doggy footprints back to its home at the beach.

As a book to read aloud, it is great for younger toddlers as the language is simple, and the illustrations are colourful with plenty going on. My two year old grabbed it straight away, and although she doesn't like being read to she does like 'reading' to herself, and she spent a long time amusing herself looking at the pictures.

But this book is also brilliant for older pre-schoolers and school age children that are starting to read. The vocabulary is simple, and I can see a young child feeling an enormous sense of achievement as they are able to read the story to themselves. There is plenty of repetition of letters and sounds, for example the Blue Bucket at the Beach, to help children become familiar with the words.

So in summary, a lovely book for little ones of all ages!

We received a copy of the book to review.

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