Monday, 12 August 2013

Toddler audio book review - Bizzy the Butterfly

We go on lots of car journeys with the children, and children's music has been our saviour many times. But I've never tried playing audiobooks to the little ones, and so when the creator of Bizzy the Butterfly contacted me to ask if I'd like to review a couple of Bizzy the Butterfly stories I was looking forward to trying them out.

We listened to two short stories - The Over the Log Frog and the Creepy Crawly Co-operating Caterpillar. Both stories are very sweet, and have a message about helping and getting along with others. The story teller is engaging, and the words are interspersed with bright, lively music which reflects the themes and characters in the story. The theme song is sung at the beginning and end of the story, and my son loved it so much that he keeps singing it around the house!

I expected my son (4) to get more out of the story, but in fact my daughter (2) was just as enthralled, sitting quietly to listen and joining in with the insect noises. As soon as it had finished my son demanded it again. We've since played it in the house, and it is lovely to have playing in the background while they play with their toys.

Bizzy the Butterfly has a website where you can purchase the audio books on CD, as well as find recipes for some delicious treats and some making and colouring sheets. I'd definitely recommend these lovely stories for little ones of all ages - babies, toddlers as well as pre-schoolers.

Disclaimer - we received MP3 copies of the two audiobooks to review.

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