Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Video Review - Playmobil Family Camper 4859

My brother's Playmobil camper van was one of our favourite toys when we were little. As a family we had quite a lot of Playmobil, although most of it actually belonged to my brother and sister, and we would play for hours. Playmobil sets are so detailed, they really do think of everything.

We recently purchased the Playmobil 4859 Family Camper for my son. Although I must admit that mainly it was for me, I just let him play with it from time to time! It's a lovely set, with everything that the Playmobil family needs to set off on a camping trip.

The set requires a certain amount of assembly, nothing too difficult but there are lots of little pieces that need to be fitted together and some stickers. I've always found when assembling Playmobil that there are lots of individual plastic bags with no logic to the packaging. You can often think that a piece is missing, before finding it packaged in another bag with completely unrelated items. It's definitely worth assembling this in advance if you are giving it to a small child as a gift.

This camper van is a more modern model than the one that we had when we were little. There are a lot of very tiny pieces, for example little bits of cutlery and tins of food. There is space to put them all away inside the camper, although it can be a bit fiddly getting them in and out of the drawers and trays. This is definitely not a toy for toddlers, both because of the small pieces and because of the frustration that they may encounter when trying to play with it, so you might want to remove the accessories until they are older.

My son is 4 and he is able to play more complicated games with the camper, setting everything up for a picnic and driving from place to place. My daughter is 2 and also very much enjoys playing with it under supervision. She is fascinated by the people and constantly asking me to put them onto their bikes. At the moment I'm only bringing it down for supervised play though, I'm afraid I'm too selfish to let them take it away and lose all the pieces! In summary it's a great toy with plenty of play value, and I know that my children will be playing with it for a long time yet.

I've put together a little video showing all the different parts and accessories, enjoy!

You can buy the Playmobil Family Camper 4859 and other related sets from Amazon.

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