Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Video Review - Playmobil Roman Gladiator Arena 4270

We have quite a varied selection of Playmobil sets in our house, as my husband keeps a constant eye out for sets which are on special offer. Our most recent acquisition is the Playmobil Roman Gladiator Arena Set 4270. My husband chose it, it's from a period of history which we have an interest in, although I think that at 4 my son is probably still a bit young to need to be introduced to the bloodthirsty goings on in a Gladiator Arena. It's a very good set though, very reasonably priced for the size of it and with plenty of figures and accessories.

As a set it seems to be a bit more delicate than some of our other sets, although perhaps we expect too much of it having to stand up to being played with by our toddler as well as older son. The circular enclosure is formed of several pieces, and they do come apart easily although they are simple enough to pop back together. This means that although it takes up a lot of floor space it can be taken apart for storage.

It's certainly historically accurate, with everything that you need to stage battles between gladiators, slaves, Romans and animals in the arena. You can have a more detailed look at the Gladiator Arena set in my video review below:

There are some other great sets available in the Playmobil Roman range, here's a selection:


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