Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Video Review - Playmobil Recycling Truck 4129

We love Playmobil in this house, and so I'm putting together a series of video reviews of some of our favourite sets. The Playmobil 4129 Recycling Truck with Flashing Light was one of the first Playmobil sets that we bought for our son. He has always loved watching the bin men coming each week, and he is fascinated with the way that the bins are lifted onto the truck before the rubbish is taken away to the tip. We wanted a sturdy bin lorry toy for him to play with that he could use to re-enact the process, and this Playmobil set 4129 has proved to be perfect.

The Recycling Truck is a great set for younger children, because unlike most Playmobil sets it contains very few small and removable parts. There is just the truck itself, two bin men and three bins. The bins slot securely into the back of the truck and can be easily raised for emptying into the truck. To make it more fun I filled the rubbish bins with dried pasta, which makes the emptying of the bins a very satisfying game. Some assembly is required, but the instructions were clear and it didn't take too long.

I've made a short video demonstrating all the details and features of the Playmobil Recycling Truck, I hope that you like it!

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