Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Book review - Reasons my Kid is Crying

Just a few of the reasons that my toddler has cried today:
  • I gave her Cheerios for breakfast after she asked for Cheerios.
  • She wanted to carry her own bag to pre-school, but the straps were too long for her and it dragged on the floor and ended up in a puddle.
  • Her hair was in her eyes because she pulled out her hair clips.
  • I changed her top after she spilled Weetabix down it.
  • I was helping her with the Hama beads after she asked me to.
  • Her brother tried to give her a kiss.

Greg Pembroke started his popular Tumblr blog Reasons my Son is Crying to share photographs of his son crying, along with the often baffling and illogical reason for his tantrum. I discovered the blog a while back via Twitter, and eagerly scrolled through the collection of photographs, some of them were very funny. The best ones have now been collected together into a book - Reasons my Kid is Crying - a compilation of photographs sent to Greg by parents all over the world.

It must be very frustrating being a toddler. They can't explain clearly what they want, and they don't understand why some things have to be so. It does perhaps seem a bit mean to be taking photographs of them when they are upset, and I'll admit that some of the photographs made me feel a little uncomfortable out of sympathy for the child. But the funniest photographs in the book are those when the toddler really is crying for a completely random reason, because the adult has their happiness or safety in mind, or because the adult is only following instructions given by the toddler, and I think that all parents can relate to that.

This book is a reminder that as a parent of a toddler or small child you are not alone, that toddlers do cry for the strangest and most confusing of reasons, and sometimes, no matter how hard you try, it's impossible to reason with them or placate them and sometimes all you can do is laugh. This would be a great gift for the parents of toddlers in your life.

I received a copy of the book to review, Amazon links are affiliate.

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