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Simple Toddler Halloween Crafts and Activities

Simple Halloween crafts and activities for toddlers

Halloween is a great time of year for crafting with children. There are so many fantastic Halloween crafts and activities out there that you can do with children of all ages, and I've found a few which are great for even the youngest toddlers to enjoy.

These simple spooky window pictures are so easy that even very little ones can do them. You just need some black cardboad, torn up pieces of tissue paper and some clear sticky backed plastic. Toddlers will love sticking the tissue paper on to the sticky surface, and it looks fantastic when lit from behind. See the full instructions here - simple Halloween window picture.

Halloween crafts and activities for toddlers
Image source Jennifer's Little World
These simple Monster Cards are made with cotton wool, and even the youngest toddler can make some really sweet cards, creating all sorts of friendly monsters.
Halloween monster cards for toddlers
Image source Mum of One
I love using paper plates for crafting, they are so cheap and versatile, you can use them for so many different toddler crafts. I love these paper plate spiders with their woolly hair and legs, and there are lots of other spider craft ideas on that page too.

Halloween paper plate spider for toddlers
Image source Pinkoddy
Another great Halloween craft with paper plates is these paper plate pumpkins. Made with black crayon and paint, they are a great way for little ones to create something fun and recognisable.

Halloween paper plate pumpkin for toddlers
Image source Pinkoddy
Another brilliant crafting material is toilet roll tubes, and we made these spooky toilet roll tube creatures as little Halloween decorations. You could add a base and fill them with sweets as small gifts or party favours, or just use them as decorations for your Halloween party.

Halloween toilet roll tube decorations for toddlers
Image source Jennifer's Little World
Finally, I love making up sensory tubs, and so I made up this Halloween themed sensory tub for my little ones. Sensory tubs are great for all ages, the very youngest toddlers will enjoy scooping and pouring (under supervision of course as they also enjoy putting things in their mouths...) and older children will enjoy small world play and making up their own little stories. You just need a base material such as dyed rice, and some themed accessories, presented with some spoons and cups or pots.

Halloween sensory tub for toddlers
Image source Jennifer's Little World
You might also enjoy my Halloween themed Witches post, with lots of Witch related crafts and activities.

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  1. They are great simple crafts - thank you very much for sharing ours :)


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