Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Booktime gives away ten million books

This year, the Booktime programme has reached an amazing landmark - 10 million free books have been given away over the last 8 years to reception aged children. My son came home on Monday with two brilliant books - a Charlie and Lola picture book "But Excuse Me That Is My Book" for us to enjoy together and "Tom's Mad Mop", a phonics book which he will soon be able to read himself.

The Booktime scheme aims to inspire a lifelong love of reading by gifting children two free books, as well as giving every primary school and library free access to guidance and activity sheets on the Booktime website.

My son Harry was thrilled with his books, and they are perfectly suited to his age and development. It's widely recognised that one of the most important things that a parent can do to help their child learn to read is to read with them and inspire them to love books, but research has shown that up to a third of children are not read bedtime stories and only 13% of parents read to their children every night. Hopefully all these books will have made a wonderful difference to children in England and Wales.

I think that this is a fantastic scheme, and long may it continue. For more information, see the Booktime website.

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