Sunday, 1 December 2013

Review - KidKraft Pastel Swivel Dollhouse

This year at Christmas my daughter will be two and a half, and we decided that we would like to buy her a dolls house for a present. We did a lot of research and finally decided upon the wooden KidKraft Pastel Swivel Dollhouse. This dollhouse particularly appealed to us because it was wooden, and traditional in style. It is very open for easy toddler play, but each room is clearly defined and it is not too open plan.

KidKraft Pastel Swivel Dollhouse review

The best thing about the KidKraft Pastel Swivel Dollhouse is that it can be easily accessed on all sides. It is swivelled around using a small turntable which rests underneath the dolls house. It's really easy to push around and it moves smoothly, without any of the furniture being dislodged. It does mean that you need to have a reasonable amount of floor space available though, or perhaps a small table to keep the dollshouse on. There is plenty of space for several children to play at once, so it would also be well suited to a small nursery or childcare environment.

The price of this dollshouse varies quite a lot. We paid around £44, which considering that all the furniture is included is an absolute bargain. There is enough furniture to fill every room, and it is good quality and solid - definitely sturdy enough to stand up to hours of play by our toddler. The only thing that isn't included is any dolls, but they are easy enough to buy separately and because the dolls house is a standard scale (approx 1:12), any dolls sold for children will be suitable. It means that you can purchase a family of dolls which will suit and appeal to your child.

KidKraft Pastel Swivel Dollhouse review

There are no stairs leading between the floors, although this isn't a problem for us. It also doesn't have the traditional closed front to it, but that's a good thing because some of the dolls houses that we looked at had rather flimsy sides and fronts to them, this feels much sturdier and is very easy for our toddler to play with.

The house was pretty easy to put together, all the parts were clearly labelled and slotted and screwed together easily. When assembled it isn't too heavy and can be easily lifted. All the furniture is supplied ready to play with and seems to be well put together.

We also looked at unfinished dolls houses, because I quite liked the idea of one that could be customised. But I'm really happy with the way that this house is decorated, it is simple and tasteful.

I have made a little video of the KidKraft pastel swivel dollhouse which you can see below. It includes a good look at all the rooms and furniture, and a short demonstration of the swivel feature in action.

KidKraft make a range of dolls houses to suit all tastes and budgets and of course there are many other brands and styles available. If you are buying for a younger toddler like ours then I'd recommend looking for one which is sturdy and easily accessed for play. 

We bought this dolls house, Amazon links are affiliate.

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