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Top bath toys for toddlers

The best bath toys for toddlers

Toddlers thrive on routine, and bath time is one of the most important times of day as the wind down towards bedtime begins. Bath toys for toddlers don't have to be fancy, most are happy with some simple plastic cups, some empty plastic bottles (remove the lids as they could be a choking hazard) and perhaps a small boat or two. Offering a toddler some of their waterproof non-bath toys to take into the bath can also tempt a reluctant toddler into the bath. But there are also lots of fun bath toys available for toddlers and I've made a list below of some of the bath toys that we have particularly enjoyed.

If you are looking for a present or gift for a toddler that seems to have plenty of toys already it's worth considering toys for the bath as they are something that people often seem to forget about.

Plastic cups are brilliant for playing in the bath with. They can be used for pouring, stacking and measuring, just watch toddlers as they do have a tendency to drink from them! Add a couple of plastic spoons for role play fun, my children love making me drinks.

Bath shape sorters are wonderful toys for children in the bath. As well as helping their development as they learn to match the shapes to the holes, they also include lots of pieces which are fun to play with in the bath. Hollow pieces can be used for floating and pouring water. Look for one which includes storage for the pieces too.

Bath Crayons and paints are brilliant fun at bath time. You can buy all sorts of different substances that will change the colour of the water or make it fizz. Bath crayons can be used for colouring inside the bath, the tiles, even the child, and then all washed off at the end.

Rubber ducks are a classic bath time toy for small children. You can buy all sorts of themed rubber ducks, although do check that they are all suitable for toddlers as some may have small, loose parts. Also make sure to remove as much water from them as you can at the end of the bath as they do become mouldy very easily. We like to use an old length of drain pipe to make a slide for the ducks in the bath!

Finally, Bath toy storage is essential. Not just to keep things looking tidy and allow you to enjoy your own bath away from floating plastic, it's also important to store the bath toys in a way that allows them to drain fully and prevent mould inside. If you opt for a mesh bag then it can be easily washed in the washing machine when it becomes dirty. They are also cheap enough that you can replace them if they become mouldy. However a fun bath tidy solution will help encourage your toddler to store the toys away neatly when they have finished their bath.

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