Sunday, 26 January 2014

Hive Active Heating

At this time of year, my husband and I are often to be found playing 'the thermostat game'. We take it in turns to adjust the temperature on our thermostat, me up and him down, and see how long it takes before the other notices.

The problem we have is that because our routine is different every day, we don't get on very well with having the heating and hot water on a fixed timetable. A few weeks ago I went to turn the heating on in the middle of the day because I was cold. The thermostat was off, and I couldn't work out why. I asked my husband about it later and he admitted that he had set the heating to turn off completely every day for a few hours after lunch. Almost as if the house ceased to exist the minute that he left it!

Now this would not be a problem if we had Hive Active Heating installed in our house. I'm constantly amazed by how far technology has come on, and this new, innovative technology allows you to control your heating and hot water remotely from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Hive Active Heating

Our children have always been very early risers, and with my daughter's room next to the airing cupboard I know that there is a correlation between the hot water turning on and her waking in the morning. Because the children get up so early, they come into bed with us for a while and play on our tablets until we feel ready to head downstairs and start breakfast. It would be very useful if we could turn the heating on when they first come in with us, and then allow the house to heat up for a bit before we actually need to get up. Then at least we could rule that noise out as an early waking trigger!

There are so many other ways that I can see the Hive Active Heating technology benefiting us. Our heating is set to turn off while I'm out on the afternoon school run, and come back on when I arrive home. But sometimes I have other plans for the afternoon, and sometimes I make other plans at the school gates. It would be so convenient if I could set the heating remotely to come on a short while before I'm due back home, rather than paying to heat the house when I'm not there.

We also frequently go away for a few days. We turn the heating off while we are away, and then I hate coming back to a cold house, needing to get on with washing and unpacking. Imagine being able to turn the heating on from about half an hour away, and come back to a house which is lovely and warm, especially if it's early evening and we need hot water ready for bathing the children.

We are always looking to save pennies where we can, and the Hive Active Heating system is a fantastic way to make sure that you are not wasting money by heating an empty house. The system costs £199, and for this you get a wireless receiver, thermostat and hub, free app and online dashboard, and installation of the equipment.

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