Saturday, 16 August 2014

Booktrust gifts books to neonatal units to boost bonding

I'm a big supporter of reading charity Booktrust, and so I'm sharing some information about how they have recently donated thousands of free children's books to neonatal wards across England so that parents can read to their poorly and premature babies.

It's important for parents to talk to their babies while they are in hospital, so that they get to know their voices and to help strengthen the bond between parent and child. A newborn intensive care unit can be a busy place, with lots of people coming and going, and parents may not have much control over the way that they can interact with their child. Reading a book is comforting for both parent and baby, and reading a book aloud is a way to help parents talk to their children who might feel self-conscious about talking aloud when there are so many other people around. It's also a great way to encourage older siblings to interact with their new baby brother or sister.

Booktrust’s Chief Executive, Viv Bird said: ‘We are delighted that through our gift of children’s books we have helped parents strengthen their bond with their baby while going through a difficult and stressful time. ‘Books can make a big difference to people’s lives, and sharing books is a good way for families to take time out and relax.’

You can find out more information about the scheme on the Booktrust website.

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