Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Preserving holiday memories with toddlers

We love to travel and we've taken many holidays with our young children, both in this country and abroad. We are fully aware of the fact that even though they have a brilliant time when there, they won't remember much about the trips as they grow up. We always take lots of photos while we are away, but lately I've been trying to think of ways that we can help to preserve their memories of these special times.

On our most recent holiday I helped my son to create a holiday scrapbook. He's five now, and so he's able to join in with a little bit of writing and drawing. We were really pleased with his finished holiday journal and it will be a lovely keepsake for him.

Preserving holiday memories with toddlers

I thought that I'd look into some ways that you could help younger children come up with a way of keeping their memories alive.

It's very easy to create a simple scrapbook. For each day include either a photograph from the day or a picture drawn by your child (annotated by yourself if necessary!) Make a note of the date, the location, and any other things about the day. For example you could have a chat with your child about what you have done, and write down what they say. Or ask them for their three favourite things about a place, the thing that they most enjoyed doing or the thing that they most enjoyed eating.

Collect souvenirs while you are out and about, like shells, stones and sand from the beach or pinecones and leaves from the forest. When you get home use them in a craft activity together, for example make a collage picture or use them to decorate a photo frame or memory box.

Take videos of your child enjoying themselves on holiday, and ask them questions that they can answer on camera about what they are up to.

If you think that you might return to a holiday destination in the future, find a landmark that you can take a photograph of your child next to each time you visit to watch them grow.

Finally, when you are at home, make sure that you keep talking about the places that you've been, and keep going through the photographs and videos so that it all stays fresh in their minds.

Enjoy your travels!

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