Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Review - Heat Holders Snuggle Up Luxury Fleece Blanket

Heat Holders luxury fleece blanket review

I often feel cold in the house, even in the summer, and so long ago I found that if I was going to be sitting in one place for a while, I was much more comfortable under a blanket. My old fleece blanket has become rather ratty, and so when I was invited to choose a product to review from Heat Holders, I immediately knew that the Snuggle Up Thermal Blanket would find a good home with me.

Heat Holders luxury fleece blanket review

I received a Snuggle Up Thermal Blanket in Moon Rock. The blanket measures a massive 180cm by 200cm, which is much larger than my old fleece blanket and provides plenty of room for several people to snuggle under at once. The blanket is made of a soft fur fleece called Heatweaver that has been developed with the main intention of being efficient at retaining heat. It's warm to the touch, and I definitely noticed how warm I felt when I had been sitting underneath it for a few minutes.

The thermal blanket is also available in Antique Silver and is priced at £25. It is also machine washable, which is really handy. It's definitely going to be a permanent fixture on our sofa!

Heat Holders luxury fleece blanket review

I received a blanket in exchange for this review.

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