Thursday, 5 February 2015

Book review - The Best Birthday Present Ever by Ben Mantle

We've recently been reading this lovely new picture book - The Best Birthday Present Ever! It tells the story of Squirrel, who wants to give his best friend Bear the best birthday present ever. But it seems as though Bear already has everything that he could possibly want or need, how can Squirrel find something a bit different!

Squirrel decides to give bear a stick! He searches for the perfect one, and wraps it beautifully. As Bear begins to unwrap all his amazing presents from the other animals, Squirrel begins to worry, but when Bear unwraps it he is delighted, and together they find that the stick can be anything that they want it to be as they play with it together.

It's a lovely book about friendship, and that friends are more important than the gifts that they give. It also really brings home the idea that children don't want expensive, fancy gifts, they have such amazing imaginations that anything can become a toy, and the most important thing is having someone to share it with.

I received a copy of this book to review.

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