Thursday, 12 February 2015

Book reviews - Two new pictures books for toddlers

This week we've been looking at two lovely new picture books from Simon and Schuster.

Roo the Roaring Dinosaur by David Bedford and Mandy Stanley

Roo the Roaring Dinosaur tells the story of a little dinosaur called Roo who really loves his Moomie comfort blanket and never goes anywhere without it. One day Roo meets a woolly mammoth who has fallen out of his broken hot air balloon. Roo cheers him up by playing with him, but the next day he is still sad because his balloon is broken. The hole is exactly the same size as Moomie, and Roo gives it to the woolly mammoth to fix his balloon.

It's a very sweet story, with lovely illustrations. Although I must admit that my two clutched their cuddlies very tightly while I read it to them, I think you'd have to be careful if you had a sensitive child that was very attached to their comforter!

Oliver & Patch by Claire Freedman and Kate Hindley

Oliver has just moved to the big city, and it's all a bit strange and scary. But one day when he's out he meets a little lost dog called Patch, and they have a lovely day together. But Oliver knows that Patch has a real home out there somewhere, and even though he doesn't want to he tries to do the right thing and find them. When Patch finds the little girl that is missing him Oliver is sad at first, but then he realises that he hasn't lost a friend, he has found one!

This would be a lovely book to share with a young child who is feeling a bit insecure in their surroundings, perhaps if you've recently moved house yourself. 

I received these two books in exchange for a review.

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