Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Toddler change bag essentials

There is plenty of advice about what you should include in your change bag when you first have a baby, but of course the contents naturally evolve over time as your child grows and things change. Here are all the things that I carry around with me when I have a small toddler accompanying me:

  • Travel size bottle of antibacterial hand gel.
  • A pack of babywipes and tissues or toilet paper.
  • A set of spare clothes - depending on where you are at with potty training you may need several sets of bottoms! Don't forget socks, and if possible some old, lightweight shoes, in case of muddy puddle accidents.
  • A small pack of crayons, colouring book and stickers for emergency entertainment, and perhaps a few small toy cars or similar.
  • A cheap set of child sized cutlery, especially a spoon, if you may be eating out.
  • Nappy bags - even if you no longer use nappies they are useful for bringing home anything that might end up wet or dirty.
  • A drink and some snacks - I like the small packs of biscuits and I usually keep a box of raisins in the bag.

Of course I do have a cut down version of the change bag for shorter trips out, or when I can leave some items in the car. Then, I just take a spare set of pants and trousers, a drink and some tissues, and that usually gets me by!

What would you add?

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