Sunday, 7 June 2015

Book review - Baby Touch: Busy Baby book and audio CD

The Baby Touch: Busy Baby book and audio CD is a lovely board book which is suitable for even the very youngest of babies and toddlers. The book also comes with an accompanying CD which features specially composed baby music in a ten track CD that lasts around 25 minutes.

The book is very brightly coloured throughout, and each page features a couple of different textures for the baby to explore. Touch and feel books are always popular with toddlers of all ages! The book follows the journey of a baby in a squishy red car as he journeys through the streets, past a farm, and even through the jungle!

The baby passes plenty of different vehicles and animals as he journeys, giving the opportunity for chat about the things that the baby has seen, and the chance to make lots of different animal noises. The accompanying CD is pleasant and relaxing to listen to, it's quite chilled out music, and it would be nice to have on in the background while you are reading to or playing with your child.

Baby Touch Busy Baby book review

The simple text that tells the story rhymes, and there is so much to look at on each page that it would easily keep the youngest of toddlers entertained.

I received a copy of this book to review. Baby Touch: Busy Baby is priced at £7.99, Amazon link is affiliate.

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