Sunday, 2 August 2015

Book review - Where's Bear? by Emily Gravett

Where's Bear? is the third adventure for Bear and Hare, in this lovingly written and illustrated book by Emily Gravett.

This time Bear and Hare are playing hide and seek, but the trouble is that Bear is not very good at hiding! He's so big that he can't hide himself anywhere, until Hare is upset to realise that he can't find him at all

It's a very simple book with plenty of repetition that young children will love. It's also a great book for helping little ones to become familiar with the process of counting to ten, something that can be repeated in the many games of hide and seek that reading this book is sure to lead to! The illustrations are very sweet and really bring the expressions of the characters to life.

It's a lovely book to share with your toddler!

I received this book to review, Amazon links are affiliate.

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