Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Two new books from Macmillan

Today I'm sharing two lovely new picture books from Macmillan.

Zippo the Super Hippo by Kes Gray and Nikki Dyson introduces us to Zippo. Zippo has decided that he doesn't want to be any old hippo, he wants to be Zippo the Super Hippo! But unfortunately his typical activities of plodding, getting muddy and splashing aren't really super powers.

It would be much better if he could fly, but unfortunately he's not much good at that. However with help and encouragement from his friend Roxi the Oxpecker he realises that perhaps there is one part of him that is rather super after all!

The illustrations are great, and there is plenty of humour in the story which will appeal to little ones of all ages!

Smelly Louie by Catherine Rayner is the smelliest dog that you'll ever meet. After a bath rids him of his Special Smell, Louie ventures out to find the smelliest things that he can and to try and recapture his old aroma. After rolling about in various disgusting substances, he's delighted to find that his Special Smell is back!

But when he proudly returns home it's not long before he smells another familiar smell - looks like it's bathtime again! It's a funny book, one to share with your toddler and wrinkle up your noses together at all the different odours and enjoy following along as Louie gets dirtier and dirtier.

I received copies of these books to review. Amazon links are affiliate.

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