Monday, 23 November 2015

Two gorgeous new board books for small children

Today I'm sharing two lovely, recently published board books for young toddlers.

New simple board books for young children

The Snowball, written and illustrated by Giuliano Ferri, is a lovely picture book to share with small children this winter. There are very few words, and instead the illustrations and cut out shapes tell the story as a little mouse begins to roll a snowball. With the help of his friends they push it up and up the hill, and it gets bigger and bigger, but of course a hill can only keep going up for a certain amount of time, and in the end it is all going to come rolling back down! It's a charming story, with a funny ending!

The Snowman by Giuliano Ferri

Triangles, written and illustrated by Yusuke Yonezu, is perfect even for the very youngest toddlers and babies. It explores triangles through the use of cut out shapes which are perfect for little fingers to trace and to guess what the shape might turn into on the next page. The illustrations are simple and brightly coloured and will definitely keep the attention of even tiny babies.

Triangles by Yusuke Yonezu

I received copies of these books to review, Amazon links are affiliate.

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