Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Playmobil toy review videos for children

In this house we love Playmobil, and we are lucky enough to own several of the larger sets. They can be expensive to purchase though, so it's well worth doing your research before buying, and so to help I've published reviews and videos of some of our favourite sets. You can find them all together in this post, I hope that it gives you some inspiration if you are looking for gift ideas, or help if you are making final decisions about which sets to buy. Unfortunately some of these sets are now no longer available as they have been discontinued, but it's worth looking around for them second hand.

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Playmobil Dragon Knights Fortress - 5996

Written review of the Dragon Knights Fortress

Buy Playmobil Dragon Knights Fortress - 5996 on Amazon

Playmobil Cargo and Passenger Aircraft - 5261

Written review of the Cargo and Passenger Aircraft

Buy Playmobil Cargo and Passenger Jet 5261 on Amazon

Playmobil Lion Knight's Empire Castle - 4865

Written review of the Lion Knight's Empire Castle

Buy Playmobil Knights Lion Knights Empire Castle 4865 on Amazon

Playmobil Family Camper - 4859

Written review of the Family Camper

Buy Playmobil Summer Fun Family Camper 4859 on Amazon

Playmobil Leisure Jet - 5954

Written review of the Leisure Jet

Playmobil Recycling Truck - 4129

Written review of the Recycling Truck

Buy Recycling Truck 4129 on Amazon

Playmobil Roman Gladiator Arena - 4270

Written review of the Roman Gladiator Arena

Buy Playmobil Gladiator Arena 4270 on Amazon

I hope that you enjoyed these videos! You can find many more over on my YouTube channel.

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