Monday, 4 September 2017

Toys for toddlers that want to travel under their own steam

First transport toys for toddlers

Once your toddler is walking confidently, there are all sorts of fun ways that they can get themselves around, and it makes taking them out for a walk a lot more fun! I thought I'd share some of our favourite ways to transport toddlers about - all of these are products that we have owned and that I can personally recommend. Amazon links are affiliate.

We started with a 4-in-1 Trike. These tricycles have a handle which is fixed to the back and the pedals can be removed, so that younger toddlers can be steered about by a parent. As they grow you can add the pedals so they can drive along with you, and then when they are more confident you can remove the handle so they can travel under their own steam. Most models come with some sort of basket and some have a sunshade too.

Then we moved onto a Scuttlebug, and this was easily one of our favourite items of toddler equipment. The three wheeled sit on bug can be folded up for easy transport and storage. Once the toddler has worked out how to use it they can zip about quite quickly. We started using it in the house but it got up to quite a speed on our wooden floors so it soon became an outdoors only toy! It was particularly fun when ridden down small slopes.

Next it was time for a scooter, again another item which we had an enormous amount of use from. Mini Micro is a great brand, and the original three wheeled scooters that we have had lasted for years and years. We had one for each child, and they are still going even though my children are older now. This model aimed at younger toddlers has a seat and handle while they work up to learning to ride it as a scooter. Having a three wheeled scooter is great as young children don't need to worry about balance, and they soon learn how to steer by leaning slightly to the side.

Finally, before moving onto a bicycle, a balance bike is a great purchase. You can start off with a smaller lightweight one, and you can also get larger ones which are more like a bike just without pedals. They teach children how to balance naturally, and mean that they won't get stuck on a bike with stabilisers - they'll be able to move on to a proper bike quickly.

Have fun!

Amazon links are affiliate

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