Monday, 20 November 2017

A new eBook from Twinkl - Back to Earth with a Bump

Today on the blog I have a lovely new picture book for young children to share with you. Twinkl Resources have recently released a new eBook which is available for subscribers to download and share with their children. Physical copies of the book will also be sent out to Twinkl Book Club members, an extra service which can be added to your subscription.

Back to Earth with a Bump is a lovely story about a little boy called Hal who is sent on a night time mission to find out where the sun has got to as he explores space from his rocket bed.

Back to Earth with a bump eBook from Twinkl Resources review

The story is told in simple rhyme and illustrated in the familiar Twinkl style with plenty of simple and colourful pictures. On his journey, Hal learns about the moon, the stars, Mars, and finally discovers the reason that he can't see the sun at night. It's a very sweet little story and introduces some basic facts to little ones which can then be expanded upon depending on the age and interest of the child.

Twinkl have also produced a range of lovely resources to support reading of the book. Some are very simple for the youngest readers, like this Back to Earth with a Bump Size Ordering printable and some Pencil Control Activity Sheets. Others are brilliant for older children, like the Maths Multiplication Mosaic Activity Sheets and Back to Earth with a Bump Crossword. There are also plenty of display materials and lesson plans based around the book.

It's a really lovely story, great to share with young children and spark their interest in the things that they see in the sky at night.

I have been provided with a Twinkl Platinum subscription in exchange for sharing information about the resources across social media. 

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