Wednesday, 8 November 2017

New picture books for toddlers from Gecko Press

Today I'm sharing a selection of new picture and board books from Gecko Press which would make some great stocking fillers for toddlers this Christmas!

Toddler books for Christmas from Gecko Press

Wolfy by French illustrator and writer Gregoire Solotareff is a brightly coloured story about a wolf and a rabbit. The wolf has never meet a rabbit before, and the rabbit has never met a wolf before, so when they bump into each other, even though they both know that wolves are supposed to eat rabbits, they become good friends and learn and play together.

But one day while they are playing, Tom the rabbit becomes scares of Wolfy the wolf and won't come out of his burrow. Wolfy is sad, and leaves in the hope of finding another rabbit friend. But while he is away some other wolves mistake him for a rabbit, and he suddenly understands why Tom was so scared of him. He returns to apologise sincerely to Tom, and they are friends again.

It's a lovely story with important messages about not judging people by a label and understanding the feelings of others.

Toddler books for Christmas from Gecko Press

The Longest Breakfast follows a hassled Dad who is trying to keep up with the multitude of breakfast requests from children and friends who all want very different things and a baby that knows exactly what he wants but no-one realises until the end. It's a funny story that replicates the breakfast chaos in many families, and opens up lots of opportunities for chat with your toddler about your own breakfast likes and dislikes.

Toddler books for Christmas from Gecko Press
Good Night Sleep Tight is a collection of eleven and a half stories for bedtime featuring Fox and Rabbit. Some of the stories are very short, just a page, and others are a little longer, so you can tailor your reading to the mood and tiredness level of your child! The stories feature charming illustrations that bring the stories to life.

Toddler books for Christmas from Gecko Press

Bim Bam Boom is a simple board book for toddlers that captures the joy of making music with pots and pans along with a collection of sweet little cheeky animal characters. There are lots of opportunities for expressive reading aloud and the simple repetition that toddlers love, and an ending to make them giggle!

Toddler books for Christmas from Gecko Press

I was provided with copies of these book in exchange for this review. Amazon links are affiliate.

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